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Lucy's Tips for Teenagers

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    How to Poop in the Woods
    As I get ready for the hiking and climbing season I though it was a good idea to resurect the ol "How to Poop in the Woods" post! There you are out and about on your first real overnight backpacking or camping trip and suddenly you get that familiar feeling. You [More]

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    Under Pressure
    Back when I was growing up, it seemed pretty important to be into the same sort of stuff my friends were. We all liked the same clothes, same activities and same music. We hung out together all the time and had the same friends. Sometimes we even talked the same or [More]

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    Enjoy Adventure and Sports Activities on Your Next Family Vacation
    Guest Blog Post: Vacations are a time for the family to spend time together, enjoying new environments, experiences and activities. There are many benefits to taking the family on an adventure and sports activity trip and these holidays are available at affordable prices A Different Type of Holiday Many adults become bored with the [More]


Not Such a Plain Vacation: Travel in the Great Plains States

Posted By Lucy Dakota

Though you might think of the Great Plains just as a big, flat section of land known primarily for grain growing and oil wells, there is actually a lot of cool stuff to see in the middle of our fabulous country. If you find yourself passing through or headed here on vacation this summer, be sure to check out my top five favorite places to see in the Plains states.

Padre Island National Seashore, Corpus Christi, Texas: Though you might not think of the beach when you think of the Great Plains, you really should keep an open mind and visit this awesome national park. Made up of over 60 miles of protected coastline, this is an awesome place to check out the local wildlife. Several bird species make this park their home, and, because of the coastal plains area, you can see everything here from coyotes to sea turtles. For more information on this great destination, visit

Fort Robinson State Park, Omaha, Nebraska: With over 22,000 acres, this state park gives visitors a chance to relive some of the magic of the Wild West. This is the place where Chief Crazy Horse was fatally shot. You can see herds of buffalo and longhorn sheep here along with sandstone bluffs and awesome forests. There are all kinds of activities for families, too, from campfires to horseback riding to cookouts. This is a pretty cool place for younger kids since there is so much to do, and you’ll soak up a little history while you’re there. For more information on what you can do and see while you are there, check out

Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve, Strong City, Kansas: This [More]


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